The Transition To A Real Food Diet: The Official Petchef Feeding Guidelines

To those of you who have chosen to feed your pets healthy, human-grade cooked food, we here at Petchef want to express our gratitude. Thank you for joining us in our mission to improve and enrich the lives of your pets, and in the process, your own! If you still haven’t decided to take the […]

Common Questions We Get About DIY-ing Fresh Food At Home For Your Pets

When it comes to food, some say that DIY is best. Simply because you’ll know what’s going into the dish and what you’re feeding yourself or your (fur)kids with. Hence here are some questions our Petchef team has been getting from our beloved customers about preparing and serving fresh pet food to their pets. What […]

‘The Most Cats I Had In My Care Was 29 Cats’: Life As A Cat Fosterer

You know how sometimes you’re in a kopitiam enjoying your meal and out of nowhere you see an adorable doggo or catto staring at you? Then after giving them a little bit of what’s on your plate they just hang around you or even nuzzle at your leg begging for pats and scratchies? And in […]