Petchef's Referral Rewards Program

We'll reward you if you invite your friends!

Do you know any other pets or pet parents who would enjoy healthy food and our service?

We truly believe that eating healthy brings not only immediate benefits to pets, but also helps them live longer! 

Help us spread the word. If your pet loves our food and you find it helped with their fur/skin/health/energy issues, or simply because you love our service, please tell your friends. We’ll give you RM50 credit when they subscribe, and we’ll also give them RM50 discount for their first 1-2 months. It’s as simple as that.

How to use the Petchef credit?

  • Your RM50 credit will automatically discount your next invoice. 
  • The credit also accumulates: if two friends join, you’ll have RM100 total credit which is RM100 discount off your next invoice.
  • Occasionally we’ll run a promo where you can receive even more than RM50 for a new friend that joined, stay tuned for our notifications!

How to get started with rewards:

1. Log in to your account to get your invite link
2. Share the link with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc
3. When your friends subscribe, they automatically get RM50 off their first 1-2 month of meals
4. Once they subscribed, you immediately get awarded RM50 per new friend joined.
5. We’ll let you know through email and your dashboard when someone joined. You can also check your credit anytime in your dashboard.

Thanks for helping us get that much closer to feeding all pets the wholesome food they deserve!