Account Changes

Make easy adjustments to your subscription in your Dashboard

Below you’ll find an assembled list of easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the most common changes to your subscription. We will keep updating this list as we enable you to take full control over what food your pet gets, how it’s packed and all details of delivery.

If for some reason your next delivery Date or Time is no longer convenient, you can change this easily to +/- 3 days from your original date:

  • Log in to your account here:
  • In the Upcoming Activities section click on “Change” button next to your Next Delivery date
  • In the open window make sure to select Upcoming Delivery Only
  • Then select a more appropriate Date and Time that suits you and click on “Confirm Date Changes

With the Upcoming Delivery only option you ensure that your regular payment and delivery schedule is not affected and you only request a change for the next delivery alone.

Please note that you can’t make this change yourself if your next delivery is less than 4days (KL/Selangor) or 8days (Penang/Johor) from today. That’s because we already started preparing your food and packages and we might not have time to adjust for next delivery. In this case you can request a last-minute change using the button at the bottom of the page.

This option is ideal if you’re going on a holiday with your pet and you want to temporarily pause and delay all future deliveries and payments. Or perhaps you find yourself with extra food left and you want to readjust the next delivery and cycle:

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • In the Upcoming Activities section click on the “Change” button next to your Next Delivery date
  • In the open window make sure to select Change All Future Dates & Time
  • Select a suitable Date and Time for your next delivery – this will adjust all future deliveries and payment as well.

With the Change all future deliveries option you delay your entire subscription starting with your next available delivery date. Please note there’s a limit of 30 days to Delay/Pause all your deliveries/subscription.

Don’t forget that you can’t make this change yourself if your next delivery is less than 4days (KL/Selangor) or 8days (Penang/Johor) from today. That’s because we already started preparing your food and packages and we might not have time to adjust for next delivery. We suggest to wait until after your next delivery to perform this action.

You can easily edit and change your address for your upcoming deliveries, be it because you’re moving or just temporarily want to request to receive the next package somewhere else.

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • In the Your Meal Plan section click on the “Edit” button next to your Current Address
  • In the open window you can either search for your place by name (and double check all details) or simply change all the address details below to your new address – as shown in the 2 images below

Please make sure that all details such as Unit, Building Name (if any) and Postcode are correct before you submit. Changing the delivery address applies to all future deliveries, so if you just need to change for one delivery, don’t forget to come back and change it back after you received your food.

If you want to change your pet’s meal plan, you can do that in your Petchef Dashboard with ease by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • In the Your Meal Plan section click on the “Edit” button next to the name of the pet whose meal you’d like to edit
  • A window will open showing you the current meals of your pet. There’s a total of 7 meals/recipes selected (for 7 days of a week). Feel free to remove current recipes with the (-) buttons and add some new ones with the (+). You need a total of 7 to be able to save the changes.
  • Based on your pet’s weight, age and activity levels, we recommend a certain Portion Size that fits all pets. If you notice your pet needs more (or less) food, you can also edit this portion size clicking the Change button and adjusting it up or down. (see left image)
  • Once you’re done, click “Submit” and our system will recalculate the cost of your entire plan based on your changes (see right image)
  • Finally click the Save & Proceed button to save these changes to your subscription. A last confirmation window will pop up to tell you about the calculated price difference. Don’t forget to Confirm right after

Cut-Off times: please note that if your next delivery is less than 4days away (8 days for Penang/Johor), you won’t be able to edit your meals – it means we already started cooking the current recipes. You can edit meals again right after the next delivery. 

Price differences: if there’s a difference in price after your change, our system will automatically take care of the details. If your new plan’s price is higher, we will automatically debit your last used card. If it’s lower, we your account will be credited and next month’s invoice will be discounted with the difference. Calculations are always pro-rata: the price difference will only apply to the remaining deliveries.

We keep in touch with our customers using 2 main channels: email and mobile/SMS. We use your email and mobile number to send you regular notifications and reminders of your next delivery, and occasional updates that affect your account due to holidays, etc. 

If you’d like to change the phone number or email, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • In the top right corner click on the menu icon and then click Account
  • We use your Email to notify you of subscription renewal, payment updates and delivery updates. We hope you don’t need to change this, but if you do please get in touch with us to make sure all our systems got updated with the new email
  • Your Main mobile number is the one we use for SMS and to get in touch with your regarding your subscription, delivery and payments.
  • The Secondary contact is for delivery purposes – in case you’re not home and our riders can’t reach you, they can reach out to a secondary number. Most our customers add their neighbour, husband, etc. This is not compulsory to have.
  • You may also update your password or join our Bag Collect initiative where we collect the previous delivery bag when we deliver the new
  • Once you click Confirm, all your changes will be saved.

Does your pet no longer like the food as much? Why not try Changing your plan first? Or you can click here to talk to one of our Pet Nutritionists who can consult your for FREE about a recommended meal plan or diet for your pet.

You can stop or cancel your subscription anytime. If you’re on a Monthly plan just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • In the section called “Your Meal Plan” you will see a button at the bottom called Cancel Subscription*
  • A new panel will open. You need to select Cancel Type, which can be End of Contract (after we finished the already paid cycle), or Immediate. If you select Immediate, please note that there can be last-minute cancellation fees involved if your next delivery is too close.
  • Make sure to select a Reason for your cancellation then tick the checkbox for our Terms Of Service (it explains how last-minute cancellations work) then click Submit

* Self cancellation is currently only available on Monthly contracts. If you’re on a 3/6/12 Month contract and are enjoying a commitment discount, please get in touch with us on WhatsApp to help you cancel your subscription. All our cancellation terms are covered in our Terms of Service page.

We always recommend waiting until after your last delivery to cancel your plan. 

If you’ve been a subscriber before and decided to pause or stop your subscription, worry not, you can easily reactivate it within a few steps:

  • Log in to your Account Dashboard
  • The Dashboard will open at the last step. We have it on record what your last meal-plan was, but if you want to update it all you have to do is click on your pet’s image on the top right corner and select Edit.
    • Make sure your pet details are up-to-date, especially Weight and Activity levels and then click Continue
    • On the next step you can either change or keep the recipes you had before. If your pet liked it, feel free to keep everything the same and click Continue again
  • Last step is to select the Day and Time for your Next Delivery. Everything else should already be filled out from your previous activation so you are ready to check out.
  • If you’ve been with us and your pet already loves our food, we recommend selecting a 3/6/12 Month contract so you can enjoy a significant monthly discount on your plan
  • Click Pay & Activate (add some treats if you like) and enter your payment details so you can Checkout

And you’re done. Your account is now Reactivated and next delivery has been scheduled. If you need to make changes to your meals or deliveries you can use the Edit buttons around the relevant details in your Dashboard anytime. 

PS: If you like us and our service and would like to receive RM50 OFF your next invoice, please recommend us to your friends and once they sign up, message us on WhatsApp with their name and account so we can credit you for your gesture 🙂

Oh no. So sorry to hear you are having an issue with our food or service! 🙈

  • If your issue is urgent, please call or WhatsApp our Customer Support number at +601135285729 and we will do our best to get back to you – ASAP!
  • If  it’s not urgent, please just send a WhatsApp message – this will automatically open a support ticket we can reply and get back to you

Rest assured we take your feedback very seriously and will reply to every issue reported with a solution. We love pets and we know what this means to you. Thank you for your continuous feedback!

Other requests

For requests not covered above, urgent matters or last-minute changes you can message us on WhatsApp using the button below