Our ingredients are 100% fresh, from the same shops as yours!

We freshly cook a variety of quality meats, fish and vegetables to ensure your cat gets all the nutritional needs they need. No preservatives, no additives, no fillers or grains. Only food they were born to eat.

And we order all our ingredients from top, vetted restaurant suppliers!

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The secret to your cats' happiness


Anything that's still not clear? Ask us!

You know how good you feel when you eat a salad that’s chock full of fresh produce? That’s how awesome your cat feels when they eat Petchef. Feeding them a diet made with natural, real ingredients does wonders for a cat’s overall well-being – it can promote heart health, increase energy level, make their coat shinier, their breath smell better, improve eyesight and even impact poop (it should be more compact!).

We only source premium, human grade food from trusted suppliers. We take no short cuts for our meats or veggies. When we started out, we went to supermarkets and just bought food that we would eat ourselves. Then we cooked it for the cats.

We want to help everyone feed their cat healthy food. Our pricing starts at RM75 per meal plan which lasts for an entire month! This compares well to wet food options which tend to be more expensive and is approximately as expensive as premium kibble. Don’t forget: Premium kibble is basically fast food. Our ingredients are more expensive than kibble to ensure you can feed your cat healthy food.

Nope! We know how hard it is to even find time to cook for yourself, so we’ve done all the prep work for you – we sourced the fresh ingredients, studied which nutrients pets need, and tailored the recipe to your cat’s unique profile. All you have to do to feel good about what you feed your cat is stash it in the fridge, feed your kitten the precise amount we prescribe, and wash the bowl after each meal. Boom. Oh, and we deliver straight to your doorstep. So no need to even leave the house if you don’t feel like it.

We know what goes into our food. Every single ingredient is safe for human consumption and safe for consumption by your cat. We have literally shared meals with our cats. They love and so do we.

Upset bellies are the worst – for cats and humans. And they can be caused by any number of factors: an allergy, an inability to break down certain nutrients, an obsession with eating grass. It’s important to try to understand what is causing your cat’s sensitive stomach, especially before trying out a new food. That said, if you transition over a period of time it will give your cat’s stomach flora time to adapt to the new diet. The chicken recipe is slightly lower in fat, so it tends to be better with pups who have gastro issues.

Tell us about your doggo and we’ll work out how much food they need, and recommend a customised plan.

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