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Common Questions About Your Pet Who’s A Picky Eater And How Petchef Can Help


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Be it furkids or human kids, a parent’s best wish is for their kids to have a good appetite and a balanced diet.

But as time goes by, you may notice that your furkid is turning their snoots away from their bowl of kibble or wet dog food that once used to excite them. While switching up the flavours of their factory-produced food may work for a short moment, other health complications that come with prolonged consumption of kibbles might still happen.

Which is why here at Petchef, we believe in nourishing our furkids with human-grade fresh food for pets. The natural aroma of the ingredients is bound to appeal to picky eaters as well!

Hence, here are 4 common questions you’ve been asking on pets who are picky eaters and our answers to them.

1. How did my pet become a picky eater?

It’s extremely important to note that pet’s aren’t actually fussy or picky by naturethey learn to be picky! And they learn it from us, the humans.

The ‘pickiness’ is most common in smaller dogs or cats who’ve been offered a wide range of foods. Extra offerings can provide way more calories than owners realise so that a pet doesn’t feel as hungry and may wait for something better to come along.  

A picky eater will often refuse to eat foods they are familiar with but get extremely excited about new, high-fat foods and/or table scraps. 

Pickiness is not only related to the types of food, however. Pickiness is also dependant on timing, and even environment. Pets with a consistent feeding schedule in a comfortable environment are more likely to eat, whereas those who don’t will tend to wait it out. 

2. Are Petchef meal plans suitable for picky pets?

Of course! 

While humans can easily get bored of food, dogs and cats have only a fraction of the taste buds humans have, which means they don’t crave new tastes the same way as us. However, their sense of smell is way more powerful than ours, which is why the scent of food can sometimes be more important than the taste.

This is part of what makes a fresh diet so much more palatable and healthy for dogs and cats. The fresh ingredients smell better when it’s natural, without the fake additives found in other food options like kibble and canned food.

However, in order to make sure Petchef meals are suitable for picky eaters, we need to make sure that you, the human, are not enabling them to be fussy. This means limiting their unhealthy snacks that has artificial flavourings, sticking to a feeding schedule, and don’t tempt them with table scraps during your own meals. 

PS: You should also check with your vet to rule out any potential health concerns or underlying medical issues that you are unaware of which may be preventing them from eating.

3. I am worried my pet will get bored of the same recipe. Is it better to feed my dog the same food each meal or to change up the recipes on a regular basis?

Think about the nature of your pet: dogs and cats have become domesticated over time from their wild ancestors, which means that they have had to evolve to become flexible in their feeding strategies to acclimatise to humans. This in turn has helped them develop a stronger, tougher digestive system by being exposed to a wider variety of foods. It has also helped them prevent the development of allergies, which can be caused by eating the same food for extended periods of time. Therefore, the variety prevents them from being overexposed to allergens. 

So yes, varying the protein sources by rotating the kinds of recipes in your pet’s meal plan from time to time is beneficial to provide your pet with a wider spectrum of vital nutrients to keep them in top health! We provide over 8 different types of recipes, all with varying protein sources. Be sure to give them all a try. 

4. How does Petchef ensure picky eaters will enjoy eating and benefit from their meals?

It’s not rocket science. When an aromatic plate of food is placed in front of you, you’ll be tempted to try it. And the same applies to our furkids.

Our fresh and additives-free meal plans can be arranged to have a wide variety of recipes with different protein sources. We can even change up the protein sources by rotating the kinds of recipes in your pet’s meal plan from time to time

This keeps your picky pet excited for their meals while providing them with a wider spectrum of vital nutrients.

However, it is important you reach out and tell us:

  • If your pet is not liking the food
  • Your pet’s current food allergies or preferences
  • Additional nutritional needs your pet requires,

as it is never a one-reason-fits-all kind of situation. 

If you have a pet who’s a picky eater and are struggling to get them to eat, we can help! There are 30+ reasons why your pet could not be eating and our team can best diagnose what is attributing to your pet’s aversion

Let us help you avoid the headache of transitioning to a new diet! Simply email [email protected] or if you just want to get a free sample for your furkid to try, contact our Petchef Advisors here.

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