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Petchef QnA: Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Our Customer Service Team, Answered


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Here at Petchef, we believe in integrating our customer’s needs and wants into our services from start to finish. Which is why we place an importance in finding out your furkid’s preferences and needs before advising you on the menu that’s most suited for them.

And we totally get if you’ve got questions as to how this meal subscription plan works! 

So here are all your answers to the questions that our Petchef customer service team gets related to:

  • Our food safety and hygiene practices in prepping your furkid’s meals
  • Flexibility in delivery changes
  • Getting notified on your next orders
  • Our payment plans
  • Friend referral perks

Preparing and Cooking Your Furkid’s Meals

1. What procedures does Petchef follow for cleaning, cooking and preparing my pet’s meal plan?

Petchef follows advanced food safety practices and general requirements on the sourcing, cooking, packing, storing, transportation and disposal of all food products we come into contact with. We also assure the health and hygiene of everyone who steps foot in our kitchen.

2. How many days in advance does Petchef cook my pet’s meal plan?

Our orders are sourced, cooked, packed and vacuum sealed, and finally promptly frozen 1-3 days before delivery

If your order is customised, meaning the recipes in your meal plan are altered in some way other than our standard recipes, we may source, cook, pack and freeze up to 7 days prior to delivery given we have one dedicated day per week for cooking special orders.  

NOTE: Our frozen packets contain no preservatives, and they stay fresh for up to 3 months minimum. If you happen to postpone your delivery by one week, we will keep that order in our freezers for you and redeliver it later. 
Please note that you may sometimes receive a mixed batch where some packs were cooked as recently as 2 days ago, and some are slightly older, this is normal and it’s due to how our stock gets sent out. If you received a damaged packet that doesn’t live up to our promised standards, please get in touch so we arrange for a replacement for free.

3. Do you guys make food for hamsters and rabbits?

For now, we don’t serve our other furry friends besides dogs and cats. Perhaps we might in the future. 😉


Planning & Receiving Your Petchef’s Delivery

1. Where can I check my next delivery date? 

Currently, we send an SMS notification 4 days and 1 day prior to the delivery date. That means you will be getting a total of 2 notifications prior to the next delivery.

If for any reason you need to change the delivery date, we include a link in the notification itself for you to make those changes. 

You will be able to find your next delivery date on your Account Management page.

2. What happens if I postpone my delivery last-minute to another week, will Petchef cook a new batch? Or keep my order in the freezer for re-delivery? 

All our orders are sourced, cooked, packed promptly and frozen 1-3 days before delivery. If you happen to postpone your delivery by one week, we will keep that order in our freezers for you and redeliver. 

If you decide to postpone your delivery by more than a week, we will cook your order 1-3 days before that date

If your order is customised the same rules apply as above. The only difference is that we may source, cook, pack and freeze up to 7 days prior to delivery given we have one dedicated day per week for cooking special orders.

3. How can I reduce the amount of plastic waste with the amount of packaging that Petchef sends me? Can I recycle my Petchef bags?

We here at Petchef strongly believe that if we actively reduce the amount of waste from going into our landfills, we will be doing our environment, and us, a great favour. However, we understand that our meal plans are served in individual portions of plastic. If you would like to give the earth a helping hand, we recommend:

  • Rinsing, drying and recycling these bags as they are High-Density Polyethylene plastic (HDPE), which is recyclable in Malaysia. 
  • Joining our Bag Return Program to return any Petchef bags or bottles (for Salmon Oil, if applicable to you) to return those to us for reuse.
  • Giving your own portioned containers to our delivery rider for us to fill with your respective meal plan starting with your next delivery.

For the 2nd and 3rd option, simply reach out to Customer Support (Whatsapp: +60 11-2843 6979, email: [email protected]) to notify us and we’ll arrange the rest with our delivery guys. 😊


Petchef’s Payment & Perks

1. Why must this meal plan be a subscription that auto-deducts? 

Petchef’s purpose is to feed your pets healthy food, so you can give them a long and healthy life! In order to make that happen, we create individualised meal plans in order to fulfill that promise. 

Hence, choosing Petchef is not a one-off purchase but a lifestyle choice for your furkid. Similar to how you’d sign up for a monthly fitness class or a skincare and facial package.

Plus, to assure the seamless delivery of our meal plans without interruption, we auto-deduct in order to give you less hassle of remembering to make that payment every 4 weeks. Just like Grab, or other favorite apps on your phone, your payment card is linked to make these transactions happen effortlessly. 

2. What if I want to order ad hoc, or my intention is to simply get a trial?

If you would like to buy ad hoc, or do a trial, we suggest talking to our Petchef Advisors to see what arrangement works best for you and your pet. 

3. Do you guys offer birthday month promotions or give any gifts for my pet? 

We currently do not have birthday month offers, but will be regularly creating new surprises for our subscribers. So stay tuned! 😉

What we do currently offer are promotions for referrals, treats, longer commitment and payment terms, among others

Just get in touch with our Customer Support for more details! 

4. Are there any benefits if I were to refer a friend to Petchef?

Absolutely! If you refer a friend to Petchef that ends up subscribing, we give you RM50 off your next payment. Simply reach out to Customer Support and give us your friend’s full name and phone number for you to redeem.


TLDR, we’ve given thought to how to keep your pet’s food fresh and well prepared, you will be given enough reminders on your next delivery, and you need not worry about forgetting to order your pet’s meals before your supply runs out.  

If you’d love to know more about our menu and pet food’s nutritional content, here’s where we answer your burning questions on everything you’re possibly wondering about what we’re serving your pets.

Should all this pique your interest, our Petchef Advisors are just a click away. Click here for new customers or reach out to us via Whatsapp (+60 11-2843 6979) or email ([email protected]) for existing customers.

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