Rabies Is Deadly For Both Dogs And Humans, Here’s What You Need To Know

Rabies is a disease that has earned its street cred for legitimate reasons. Everyone knows that it’s a deadly and highly infectious disease that causes animals to turn rabid. And a bite from an infected animal can have a fatal effect on us humans. This lethal virus attacks the brain and spinal cord of mammals […]

Help! Why Is My Dog Is Eating Its Own Poop?

As gross as it sounds, it happens more than you’d think it does. Stool-eating, which is also known as coprophagia, commonly happens in rabbits but also dogs. Because besides finding their snacks smelling delicious, they also sometimes find poop of their own or other animals delicious. But why do they fancy these hotcakes and when […]

Rock It Like “Blue”: The How-To Guide To Owning A Husky In Malaysia

Deciding to own a pet goes beyond picking the cutest of the lot. It involves knowing the needs of each dog breed and evaluating if we would be able to care for it. From physical to emotional and financial wellness, being a responsible pet parent means preparing ourselves and our homes to welcome these furballs […]

10 Initial Signs That Are Hinting About Your Dog’s Wrong Diet

Food is probably one of life’s simple pleasures. But just like everything in life, it can’t be all a positive experience. Some of us have allergies to the most common ingredients, gotten food poisoning after consuming some bad oysters, or even put on some weight due to binge eating snacks during a series of movie […]

5 Ways to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

While a lot of us are big fans of fireworks, they are considerably less enjoyable for dogs. The same bright flashing light, lingering smoky scents in the air, and loud booming noises that we find thrilling can be a quite a scary moment for them. As dogs experience the world through their senses, this overwhelming […]