You Need To Read This If You’re Still Feeding Your Pet Tap Water!

Hydration is essential in keeping any living being alive. And like us, our pets have a body containing 75% water which helps with: Regulating body temperature Maintaining skin elasticity Lubrication of joints Maintaining moisture in eyes, nose, mouth and lungs Cushioning the nervous system and organs Excretion and elimination of waste products Overall nourishment and […]

Common Questions We Get About DIY-ing Fresh Food At Home For Your Pets

When it comes to food, some say that DIY is best. Simply because you’ll know what’s going into the dish and what you’re feeding yourself or your (fur)kids with. Hence here are some questions our Petchef team has been getting from our beloved customers about preparing and serving fresh pet food to their pets. What […]

Bet You’ve Heard Of “Hypoallergenic” Pet Food, Here’s What It Actually Means

“Hypoallergenic”. It’s everywhere on the label of things we would buy for ourselves such as clothes, jewellery, skincare, and food. It’s also a commonly found term on pet food packaging.  But what exactly does hypoallergenic mean? Let’s break it down: Hypo means low/ reduced/below normal, it is the opposite of hyper which means high/ increased or […]