An easier, healthier way to feed your pets

Cooked fresh & delivered to your doorstep

Feed your pets paw-licking fresh meals that you trust & love

Peace of mind

When you serve a Petchef meal, you can relax knowing it’s good food made from great ingredients.

Healthy, energetic pets

We make sure that our meals have all the nutrients that you need to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Convenient & simple

Even if you’re busy, your pets can still have great fresh food, and you get to enjoy more playtime!

You might think that customised fresh pet food must be really expensive, but our plans are cheaper than many premium Kibble brands

Petchef meals are very simple to use

Serving fresh food every day to your furbaby is so easy now!

1. Receive delivery

We deliver within Klang Valley & Penang based on your schedule. The meals come pre-portioned in a box or bag.

2. Store & freeze

Keep the fresh meals in the freezer. Pro tip:  Always keep one meal in the fridge for instant use.

3. Pour and enjoy!

Cut open one portion into your feeding bowl. The meal is ready, bon appetit!

Meet some of our happy clients ❤️

Both Aiden and Ailsa kept in touch with me daily to check on her progress. Through their dedication and commitment, we finally got her to eat it and she LOVED IT!

Her appetite has improved, her coat is so much thicker and healthier, and she has even gained weight! Something I thought would never happen.


Corona's Mom

Ailsa always keeps in touch with me and gives me many of professional information and guide me throughout the process.

I no longer headache about which canned food should I feed my Aurora for her wellbeing and whether she will fall ill and go for vet visit in the future.


Aurora's Mom

It only took 3 days of consistently feeding him food from Petchef for me to see a difference in his weight and fur. He absolutely loves the food and expects to be fed every time I open the fridge, and doesn’t want to eat any other food anymore now!


Churchill's Mom

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How can I order?

Click on Create my pet's meal plan and Monty will guide you through some questions. Our pet nutrition advisors will get in touch with you a customised meal plan and guide you through payment and delivery. After that, our kitchen will start cooking your meals and deliver them to you!

What are the health benefits of feeding my pet Petchef meals?

Feeding your pet a diet made of natural, real ingredients does wonders for their overall wellbeing. Just like any healthy human diet, you will start noticing the long-term benefits when you consistently eat healthily.

The nutrients in our meals can promote heart health, increase energy levels, make their coat shinier, their breath smell better, improve eyesight and even make their poop more compact! In the long run, you will spend less money at the vet and less time worrying about illnesses that arise from having a poor diet.

How much does Petchef cost?

Our monthly pricing is based on the recipes that you choose and the portion that you pet needs. View our price range here. Our prices compare well to wet food options which tend to be more expensive and is less expensive than premium kibble– which is basically fast food.

Where does Petchef deliver?

We're currently in Klang Valley and Penang. We offer free deliveries in most areas of Klang Valley and some parts of Penang.

What if my pet has a sensitive stomach?

Upset bellies can be caused by a number of factors; allergies, an inability to break down certain nutrients, an obsession with eating grass, etc. It’s important to try to understand the cause before trying out new food.

We recommend you to transition your pet over to the new food over a period of time if it has a sensitive stomach. This will give your pet’s stomach flora time to adapt to the new diet. Our chicken recipe is slightly lower in fat and tends to be better for pets who have gastro issues.

Where are the ingredients from?

We only source premium, human-grade food from trusted suppliers. Our ingredients are halal-friendly, prepared in a pork-free kitchen.  

How do I know the food is safe?

At Petchef, we share the belief that if an ingredient is not good enough to eat ourselves, it's not good enough for our pet meals. You can read what goes into our meals here. Isn't it refreshing to read a label and actually know all of the ingredients for once?

Do I have to prepare anything?

Our meals are designed to be easily consumed so you can just feed your pets as usual. But you do need to prepare some storage space in your freezer enough for 2 weeks worth of food. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the pet, the bigger the storage space!

Healthy pets, happy pets

And that makes a happy you! Start by helping your pets live their best lives today