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5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Adopt a pet and Not Shop


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“Adopt a pet, don’t shop!” But why so?

You may have come across this phrase “Adopt Don’t Shop” on billboards and PSA’s around you. But, why is that so? Why are people always told to adopt a pet from their local shelters instead of buying a pet from the pet store? In this article, we will be looking at some reasons why adopting a pet would be beneficial for you and the environment around you.

adopt a pet puppy instead of buying from the shop

1. You Are Making An Indirect Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Did you know that most dog breeds you see in pet shops are taken from the puppy mill? Also known as a puppy farm, the dogs here are forced to breed several times a day by their dog breeders without any care for their physical or mental well – being. Apart from that, these canines are also kept in terrible conditions where they lack all types of basic hygiene and other necessities such as food and water.

Unfortunately, puppies and dogs are not the only exception to these mills as cats, rabbits and other animals are also forced into this practice by their breeders. To make matters worse, this unethical practice results in these poor animals being killed off after they can no longer produce. While it is not easy to put a stop to these practices, if you adopt a pet from an animal shelter prevents them from being forced into these horrific circumstances.

2. Your Rescue Is Their Redemption

Most animals that reside in animal shelters were either strays, abandoned or survivors of abuse and animal cruelty. While most animal shelters work tirelessly to support the animals that are under their care, a lot of these healthy, happy souls would need to be euthanized due to the lack of space in these shelters. But the chances of happening are slim when someone is willing to bring these animals into their forever homes.

As people, we have the power to offer a second chance for these animals. When we adopt a pet, they are able to live the life they deserve as they are now blessed with another shot at life without the fear of abuse, neglect and early death.

3. A Great Lesson on Love and Empathy

If you are looking for ways to teach someone about love and empathy, then adopting an animal is the best place to start. Many animals who find themselves at the shelter are often disposed of by their own family members because they either come with too many responsibilities or are no longer appealing to their owners.
Therefore, when you adopt a pet, these animals that had experienced rejection in their lives, you are showing them what it means to be loved the right way. Other than that, adopting them also teaches you how to become a better paw parent as well as you begin to discover what’s best for you newfound furry friend.

4. Freedom of Choice

The best part about adopting from an animal shelter is that you get to choose which animal suits your home and lifestyle. The animal shelter is filled with a diverse breed of healthy, happy animals that qualify as awesome pets. Most of them also come from previous homes so they are vaccinated and house – trained as well.
This means you get to skip the hassle of animal training and jump straight into becoming their best friend instead. Although the process of interacting with them might be a little slow at first; adopted animals are often shy in their new surroundings due to the trauma they went through prior, it will not take long for them to warm up and become accustomed to their new forever home.

5. If You Adopt a Pet From The Shelter it is Cheaper!

Apart from saving a life and having your very own best friend at home, adopting an animal from the shelter also helps you manage your expenses. If you did not know, adoption fees at animal shelters are far more affordable than buying one from a pet shop.
These fees also cover vaccinations, spaying, neutering and other necessary health tests as well. Instead, you could use the extra cash to get your pet some new toys and treats. Matter of fact, not only is buying from the pet shop expensive, you would also have to cover the additional cost of the animal’s medical fees separately.
Therefore, adopting an animal from the shelter is definitely the more affordable option to choose from when you have the desire to include a new addition to your lifestyle.

We hope this was helpful!

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