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Vets Advice: 6 Reasons to Avoid Dry Food


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Most dogs eat dog kibble every day.  While this is a very easy way to feed your dog, this may not be the best type of food for your dog to eat.  This article will cover the reasons that you should avoid feeding dry food to your dog.

6 Main Reasons You Should avoid Feeding Dry food to your dog

  1. Dry Food Contain Fillers

Most of the ingredients found inside of dry food are fillers. This makes your pets digestive system work even harder to process all these products.  These ingredients are corn, wheat, and other grains that just fill your dog up and have no added nutritional benefits.  By forcing your dog to process these fillers, they can have many GI problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, and even pancreatitis.  All these problems making them sick can lead to them having a shorter life span.

  1. Dry Food Causes your Pet to Need More Water

If your dog only eats dry food, they will have to drink a lot more water to properly digest their food.  Them constantly having to intake water can lead to kidney and urinary tract problems.  The body’s way of getting rid of certain waste is through urination.  The kidneys must process all these chemicals.

  1. Dry Food Contains Low-Quality Ingredients

Most dry foods contain low-quality ingredients.  These are food that is leftover from the human food industry that is not fit for human consumption.   

  1. Dry Food Contains Chemical or Preservatives

A dry dog kibble has preservatives to keep it fresh and eliminate the potential risk for any toxins that could cause your pet harm.  They also contain artificial coloring and smell to make it more appealing to your dog.  All these chemicals and preservatives are not the best for your dog’s health. 

  1. Preparing Dry Food Destroys Nutrients

The way that dry food is made destroys some of the great nutrients.  By processing the foods and drying them, they are also destroying the nutrients that are found in the foods. 

  1. Dry food Provides No Variety

Most dog foods come in ugly brown color and little shapes.  Your dog is eating the exact same thing every day.  Many pets will get very bored with eating food this way.  While you can buy a few different bags of dog food, homemade diets can allow your dog’s food to be different every day. 

When looking for food for your dog, try trading out the kibble and feeding your dog wonderful homemade dog food.  Homemade food does not contain any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavoring or colors.  They are made from some of the best ingredients that people would also eat, and when homemade food is cooked, it does not destroy all the wonderful nutrients.  By avoiding dry food in your dog’s diet, you are adding wonderful years back onto their life. 

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