Leash 101: Top 5 Types of Dog Leashes


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Pick the ideal dog leash for your doggo

Dog leashes are one of the more important tools required for almost every dog owner. But do you know which leash is the best for your dog? Use this information to help you find the right kind of leash for your precious pup:

1. Standard Steve

image of a standard dog leash with a loop handle at the end and a metal clip at the other

Apart from everyday use, this type of dog leash is mostly used when training a dog. The standard leash comes with a loop handle at one end and a metal clip on the other end that can be attached to the dog’s collar. While the ideal length for this leash on dogs is 6-feet in length, there are other available length options as well, most of which range from 4 to 8 feet.

These flat leashes are often created with nylon or leather and it comes in widths of various lengths, with wider and larger leashes made available for bigger, stronger doggos. There are also other material options available such as cotton and rubber, but they are not as durable and so are far less common. For bigger breeds, rope leashes are preferable due to their round shape. They are also made in a way that is more long – lasting so it can be used for puppies that fall into the large dog breed category as well. Some standard leashes are also made with a chain and while they are heavier in weight, they can be useful for puppies and dogs who tend to chew on leashes.

2. Elastigirl (Elastic / Retractable leashes)

Retractable leashes come with a nylon band and like the name suggests, allows your dog more freedom of movement as well. The function of retractable leashes are similar to that of a measuring tape as the cord attached to the leash can extend up to 30 feet and it is also occupied with a locking mechanism that you can use at varying degrees of length. Despite these types of leashes gaining popularity in recent years, there are a few considerations that paw parents should be aware of before they decide to purchase this leash for their fur babies.

It is best to use this leash AFTER they have gone through some basic training with a standard leash. While these leashes allow your dog to wander away, they will begin to think that it is permissible to pull on the leash. This is dangerous because the action might cause your dog to be entangled in the leash, they could even get into other hazardous situations such as rope burns or possible strangulation due the excess line of the leash. Thus, it is highly recommended that dogs have a solid understanding of leash etiquette before they become accustomed to retractable leashes.

3. Adjustable Andy

Also known as a multi – function dog leash, this particular contraption comes with several loops along the leash that allows the clasp to adjust its length. These various sizes can be especially useful during dog training. These leashes serve as a good alternative between the standard and the retractable leashes because it offers pet parents to adjust its length without creating a constant pulling sensation. It also enables them to gain firm control when walking their dogs while giving the option for the dog to have more freedom of movement.

4. Chain Chaplin

This leash is another replacement for the standard leash as it is very useful for dogs that have a tendency to chew and destroy their leashes. They are also available for various weights and thickness that can be suitable for dogs of different breeds. Despite the many benefits of this leash for dogs, it is best to monitor them closely when using this contraption on them as excessive chewing on metal chains could lead to dogs having damaged teeth in the long run.

5. Slip Sally

Slip leads for dogs act as an all-in-one collar and leash for dogs. The leash loops onto itself and then goes over the dog’s head and in some versions of this device comes with plastic tube slides that help keep the collar in place. If there is pulling involved, the collar part of the leash will tighten up. Like the retractable leash, a dog would also need to know proper leash etiquette before using this particular device.

If the slip lead is used improperly, it could close off the dog’s airway, but if the collar somehow becomes too loose, the dog might be able to slip out of its hold. It is best for dogs with a slip leash to have a collar with an identification tag attached to it. That way, if they do come off the leash and run off, the dog would still have something on for people to help identify them.

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