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Our core mission: help pets to live BETTER and LONGER lives. 

We hired nutritionists and we’re upgrading our (dog) Buffalo recipe.

If you’re reading this message, it’s most probably because you have a subscription with us and your dog eats our Buffalo recipe regularly. 

Since we started, our food has always been of higher standards than the guideline of AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials). Today, we’re taking a step to make it even better.

Based on several rounds of nutritional lab tests and consultations with accredited nutritionists, we’re upgrading our Buffalo (for dogs) recipes starting today!

The change includes switching out a couple ingredients, but most importantly: adding some new (strictly natural) ingredients where each of those have specific health benefits to your puppy.

The ingredient we will no longer use is:

  • Sweet potatoes

The new, natural ingredients we are adding are:

  • Cabbage (High in fiber, supports digestive health, antioxidants)
  • Broccoli (Rich in vitamins K and C)
  • Cauliflower (low calories, high fiber, good source of vitamins & minerals)
  • Pumpkin (fiber rich, supports digestive health)
  • Green lipped mussels (Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, joint health)
  • Shiitake mushroom (immune health support, antioxidants rich)
  • Seaweed (vitamin and mineral rich, thyroid health support)
  • Eggshell powder (source of Calcium, supports bones, teeth and joints)

This adjustments in the recipes will give your dog an even better nutrition overall, with more diversity of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and all the essential macro-nutrients your dog needs to thrive and be healthy in the long run.

Our aim always remains to give the best food we can to dogs and cats in terms of fresh, nutritionally fitting food. We’re extremely happy to be able to do this without adjusting the price, so as many as possible pets can start eating better and live longer.

We’ll keep this page updated with further developments regarding our other recipe related upgrades.

New recipe added

DUCK meals for dogs

This new recipe is available starting 4th of July 2024 and is currently for dogs only. You can edit your meals, as always, in your Dashboard – and if you need help, just reach out to us on WhatsApp 🙂