We're updating our prices

It's been 3 years

Here's why we need to update our prices and how you can help

We wrote this article to share some news about petchef.my and to ask you for some feedback and support.

Long story short… 🙂

We need your support to keep Petchef.my on the right track.

For the past 2-3 years, our company has been working really hard to keep serving you without interruptions despite all the challenges that covid and the lockdowns brought.

During this period we had many difficulties:

  • many customers lost their jobs or got pay cuts and they had to put their accounts on hold
  • riders had many difficulties with the roadblocks
  • the production team had to change how they worked to implement all the SOPs and
  • our suppliers discontinued some of the ingredients, or increased their prices up 54.5% on average

Here’s a small example of the increase of the price of ingredients.

* note, the recipe increase will not be as big as we do our best to keep prices affordable for everyone

Despite all of that we continue operating as usual, kept our prices unchanged, and we kept improving constantly. But sadly we have now reached a point where we will need to increase them or our company might not be able to continue for long.

Starting from May 9th 2022, our prices will be adjusted slightly. Both cat and dog food have 3 recipes that will increase, and 3 that will be cheaper than currently (overall average increase 9%, some recipes more, other recipes a bit less). We decided to do this because we refuse to compromise the superior quality of your pet’s food and the ingredients in it.

We enabled a small notification in your Dashboard to see what the upcoming price will be for you. This will affect all current and new customers starting at the above date.

We understand this might affect your budget. So please, if this is a big issue for you, reach out to our Customer Happiness number and we will do our best to find a solution that helps both of us going forward.

Here are 3+1 ways on how you can help us:

  1. Do you have few minutes to chat with the CEO of Petchef to share about your experience and feedbacks on how we can serve you and your pet better?
    If yes, you can reach him directly on his personal number: click to WhatsApp our CEO
  2. You can join our referral program and spread the word with your friends? We have many cool gifts for your pet!
    If yes, just click here https://getpetchef.my
  3. Can you consider adding some treats or broth to your subscription? 🙂
    If yes, you can do it from your dashboard: Open my Dashboard
  4. Love pets? Do you want to work with us? We’re hiring! Come join our team: https://petchef.my/jobs/

However you choose to help, even if just staying with us without any extra steps, we really appreciate all your support!

The entire Petchef Team