Dashboard - Frequently Asked Questions


You are most probably here because you received an email from us regarding your subscription, mentioning that you should sign up onto our new Dashboard. We created this FAQ to help you answer some basic questions in more detail than emails can handle.

We’ve been busy during the past few months and we built a web platform (Dashboard) that better manages your subscriptions. We built it to make it easy for you to manage all the details, change the recipes you’re receiving, or adjust your delivery times.

You already have an active subscription with us. Our amazing staff has been managing most of your needs and requests these past years. We are looking forward to allowing You to self-manage most of the simple things without having to wait for us to make changes for you.

For this to happen, we need to ask you to register on https://getpetchef.my – using the same email and phone number, set up the same meal plan you currently have, choose your discounts, select the same delivery day/time you have now and check out. Our staff will be in touch with you to finalise everything, including any price differences that you might have due to already having paid for this month.

Your subscription will have no significant difference in it, we’ll make sure of that. 

However, we got ourselves some new equipment and improved our processes so we can serve you better, which required us to automate other parts of our business as well. While we did that, we build a website where you yourself can change and adjust most details of your subscription. 

We give you the same variety of recipes but with more standard package sizes that better fit your pet needs and are easier to keep track of. Your payments will be automatic as well, this helps us maintain a steady production line as all our food is freshly cooked to order. In the past we needed to call to request for a payment and that caused possible delays which in turn ended up with customers running out of pet food because we still needed time to cook the food once the payment was settled.

Your subscription goes on uninterrupted. That’s our main goal. If by any chance you signed up and made a payment that overlaps with your previous month, we will be in touch with you within a couple days to adjust your payment or your delivery date so there is no overlap at all.  

Yes, 100%!

Our checkout process is 100% secured using up-to-date security measures and certificates. All credit/debit card payments are processed using one of the world’s top payment processors, Stripe. Additionally, Stripe Payments Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a regulated payment company under Bank Negara Malaysia and is just as (if not more) safe than any other online payment method you already know. Please click here to find Stripe on Bank Negara’s list of Regulatees.


In order to ensure uninterrupted food delivery, we had to make some technical adaptations to our systems that require Autodebit. Previous methods we used do not support subscriptions to the detailed level we need them to. We want to give you full control over your subscription, and in order to do that, we need to work with Stripe that allows us to manage payments with ease.

Starting 15th July 2021 we’re discontinuing support for FPX, manual and COD payment options. Our team is readily available to help you change your payment method or answer any further questions.

You may stop your subscriptions at anytime you like, you are in full control!

If for some reason you’d like to change or even stop your subscription, you’re free to do so by logging on through https://getpetchef.my and selecting the option you require. Our mission is to truly help your pet be healthier and live longer, however if you decide you no longer need our help, we’re sorry to see you and we’ll gladly assist you to do so. You will receive an email that your subscription has been closed and all autodebit charges will be stopped immediately.

You can cancel your Petchef subscription anytime you want or need. You may consider delaying it temporarily if you’re travelling or need a break or are moving addresses, but we won’t stop you if you’d like to cancel.

What are the general terms to cancel?

Please remember that we always cook the food fresh-to-order. If you happen to decide to cancel last minute after we already started cooking, we do have a nominal late cancellation fee of RM15. This is what we call “cut-off” times and it applies to both cancellations and last-minute delivery change requests.

If you’re on a 3/6/12 month plan, you can still cancel it anytime. The penalty for cancelling early will be based on the amount of discount you received per month in your current plan. We will refund you partially for all the meals you haven’t received yet, minus the total for the discounts you used up so far. Feel free to go into the details on our Terms & Conditions page.

You can register at https://getpetchef.my by clicking on the “Create Meal” button whenever you are ready. Please use the same email and same phone number that you’ve been using to keep in touch with us so far. That way we’ll know it’s you and we’ll get in touch with you to make sure everything is in order.

If you see this error, it means you don’t have an account in our Dashboard yet. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a subscription (you probably do), it just means it’s not set up on this new automated system yet. 

In order to get started and Register an account just click on the Create Meal button and follow the instructions provided there.

Once you’re logged in and you entered your pet details, you are shown a list of our recipes.

Now you need to select food for the 7 days of the week . Just like grandma used to, decide what meal you want to feed your furball of each day of the week (7 days, 7 portions). We’ll automatically multiple that by 4 and this will be your monthly subscription total (a total of 28 days for a month).

Because of this, you might not be able to select the exact same meals you had before. Every recipe has to be a multiple of 4, since there are 4 weeks in a month. You can always decrease and increase the selected recipe numbers until you find the desired meal plan for the entire week 🙂 

Note: depending on the size of your pet (and thus the daily recommended portion), you may be able to choose to split the daily portion into 2 packets, or receive it as 1 packet. Some of our portion sizes will always come in 2 packets/day due to size: the larger the packet the more difficult to keep it frozen. Splitting it into 2 packets helps keep it frozen and fresh longer.

We cook all our food fresh, as soon as we receive your payment. And we keep that food fresh by freezing it (no preservatives, remember?). The bigger the package size, the harder it is to keep it frozen though. So in order to keep the food fresh longer and allow it to be delivered safely, we need to split up bigger packets into 2 smaller ones. This can also make it easier in case you feed your pet 2x per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you feed 1x per day only, please use 2packs/meal when you feed your pet.

There are a few reasons why your new pricing might not match up with your old one:

  1. Due to automated calculations, our prices are calculated more precisely now and might differ by a couple ringgit even if you have the exact same recipe.
  2. You had to rearrange the number of packages to fit into the 7day multiplier we explained in the previous question
  3. You might’ve selected a different size of your daily portion. We calculate your Recommended Daily Portion (DRP) based on the weight of your pet and its activity levels. If you subscribed when you had a pup/kitten, you should probably have slightly larger portions now.
  4. If you’re with us for a long time already, it’s possible you are on one of our older pricing models. As ingredient prices changed in the past couple years, we had to adapt the price.


What can you do?

  1. You can try editing the recipes. We group the recipes in different price categories, you may remove 1 that is in a higher category and add 1 that is lower priced, then check again.
  2. Select a 3/6/12 month commitment plan, and optionally pay it all in advance. You can get up to 30% discount if you do so. If you’ve been with us for long, this could be a very good option for you. 
  3. Lastly: you can get in touch with us on WhatsApp, and we can lock you in at your old and lower price. If you choose this option, please know that you will not be able to edit your meals by yourself. You will need to get in touch with us first, and if you require changes, those will have to be calculated at up-to-date prices. We highly respect your loyalty and we will maintain this price for you until 31st Dec 2021. We’re still able to offer you a discount starting 2022, however we do need to occasionally review our prices given changes in raw food pricing.