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We understand if you’re hesitant when it comes to sharing your payment details online, so we created this short document to assure you of the safety of our process and to share all relevant details for your understanding.

More than 95% of websites that take online payments use a so called Payment Gateway, or Payment Processor Company that is specialised and accredited in the safety of handling such personal information such as online payments. There are several in Malaysia as well, including FPX, iPay88, PayPal, Stripe etc. We as Petchef Sdn Bhd (1255710-A) have implemented payment through Stripe.

Stripe Payments Malaysia Sdn Bhd (201601038749 (1209690-X)) is a payment processing company in Malaysia accredited and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. This means they are approved to safely process payments on behalf of companies such as Petchef and assure that personal and card details are kept safe. To double check the latest list of accredited payment processors in Malaysia, including Stripe, you can visit:

Does Petchef have access to my payment details such as card numbers, etc?

No, we do not. We only have access to the last 4 digits of your card and expiration date, but all other details are saved in Stripe and not shared with us. When you enter your card details, that information is entered in a small window that directly sends these to Stripe. Petchef or their staff has no access and will never ask you to share your payment details in chat/whatsapp/email or any other means of communication. Please remember never to share such details in a casual chat.

What if I stop the service, what happens to my details?

Your details are stored in Stripe’s records for as long as Malaysian Financial Law requires them to be stored. As they are regulated by the central bank of Malaysia they need to abide by the rules as well. We at Petchef only keep information such as payment date, amount paid and name – also for strict accounting purposes.

Do you share or sell any of my private information with a 3rd party?

We do not have any partnerships nor do we sell, rent or share your personal information in any way. You can check our Terms & Conditions for details.

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