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4 Pet Trends That Are Not Worth The Hype


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A few overrated pet trends from as per our customers

Have you ever seen a video of an Australian Shepherd doing yoga with his dog mom? It was cute, it was wholesome and some might even find it funny. This particular video was under the #DOGYOGA tag on Instagram and TikTok and it has existed for a while now. 

Day by day, we come across videos of pet influencers on social media engaging in the latest pet trends, most of which are done for likes and follows. However, some of these trends can be borderline questionable when it involves the well-being of an animal.

a cute corgi following the latest pet trends wearing a costume

1. Raw Food Diet

Although it has not been officially labeled as one of the main pet trends just yet, videos of both dogs and cats consuming a myriad of raw dishes such as uncooked meats like chicken heads and alligator tails, bones, fruits and vegetables are currently growing on the For You and Explore pages of TikTok and Instagram. Serving raw foods to pets is not necessarily a bad thing as there are potential nutritional benefits associated with it such as pets having shinier coats, healthier skin and higher energy levels.

However, this particular diet is not appropriate for every individual animal as it could open doors to a number of health risks to a pet. According to WebMd, pets (and their paw parents) are more than likely to be exposed to bacteria contained in raw meat than cooked ones. Aside from that, consuming whole raw bones are harmful for animals as it could cause them to choke, break their teeth or create internal injuries from bone splinters.

As paw parents, it is our duty to provide the very best for our fur kids when it comes to their meals. Despite the health benefits that come with raw foods, they are not always the right solutions for our pets. This is where Petchef comes in, as they aim for all cats and dogs to live a longer, healthier, happier life by feeding them nutritious foods that are cooked to perfection.

2. Pet Massage Trend

Giving your pet a massage is a good thing but giving them a massage with essential oils and diffusers surrounding them is not. This is one of those particularly common TikTok pet trends and it involves influencers placing their pets (mainly dogs) in a comfortable spot before giving them a well kneaded massage with essential oils and oil diffusers. Although this trend started off with good natured intentions, many social media influencers are unaware of the dangers that these aromatherapy products could bring on their pets.

In an article by Cabbagetown Pet Clinic, certain types of essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, citrus oil and peppermint oil are quite toxic to pets, especially when applied to the skin and used in diffusers. Because cats and dogs are much more sensitive to scents as opposed to their human counterparts, inhaling diffused oils for an extended period of time could cause them to develop negative respiratory effects such as asthma.

Therefore, when your pet is feeling anxious or stressed, it is better to pamper them with a lovely massage using some pet friendly essential oils instead.

3. Pet Costume Trend

You may have seen this trend all over your social media where French Bulldogs are dressed in a pirates outfit or puppies dressed up as mail carriers. While this trend may be fun for both pet owners and their pets, it is important to take note of their comfort and safety when dressed up in these outfits as most of them can restrict the pet’s movement, causing them discomfort and in some cases injury.

Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that the materials on these costumes do not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation to the pets as well as that could lead to further complications.

Be sure to look out for any subtle indications of your pets displeasure when wearing these costumes. Some of the more common signs to look out for include licking their lips, having a curled down tail, unusually quiet behavior when wearing the costume or just walking funnily due to discomfort. If they begin to freeze up when placed in costume, they are in distress so it is best to remove the outfit from them immediately. 

Although dressing a pet up in fun looking costumes is a sight to behold, we must also consider their feelings and emotions as well so be sure to take into account how they are feeling before deciding to dress them up.

4. Designer Breed Trend

Having expensive breeds such as the goldendoodle and the pomsky have been steadily increasing as known pet trends, especially among the circles of social media influencers and wealthy socialites. In an article by The Wildest, these designer breeds refer to a mix of dog breeds that are created by humans (also known as dog breeders). 

This phenomenon first occurred in 1989 when Wally Conron created the first Labradoodle; a crossbreed of a Labrador Retriever and a Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle which he later came to regret. Since then many dog breeders have gone on to create a variety of mix breed dogs as this particular market brings forth astounding amounts of profit.

While owning a designer dog breed may seem visually appealing in terms of the dog’s stature and appearance, keeping these animals as pets are also controversial due to the unethical practices that go behind the scenes of dog breeding. For instance, tiny dog breeds such as the teacup poodle, are vulnerable to multiple health conditions due to their size while the unusually bigger mixed breeds are prone to developing heart and joint issues as well. 

At the end of the day, it is always best to visit your local pet shelter where plenty of dogs lay waiting for their forever home. Adopt, don’t shop! Now those are pet trends we can get behind! 

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