Most common questions answered:

You know how good you feel when you eat a salad that’s full of fresh produce? That’s how awesome your pet feels when they eat Petchef.

Feeding them a diet made with natural, real ingredients does wonders for their overall well-being. Our healthy pet food promotes heart health, increases energy level, and makes their coat shinier. Additionally their breath smells better, they enjoy improved eyesight and even better poop (it should be more compact!).

We only source premium, human grade ingredients from trusted suppliers. We take no shortcuts for our meats or veggies. When we started out, we went to supermarkets and just bought food that we would eat ourselves. Then we cooked it for the pets.

Now we order from trusted suppliers only, same our favourite restaurants use as well. We mostly support local suppliers, with exception of our Premium ingredients that have to be imported from regions they grow naturally (such as salmon and beef).

We want to help everyone feed their pet healthy car and dog food. Our pricing starts at RM85 per month for small pets and obviously more for larger furbabies. That’s only around RM3/day!

This compares well to wet food options which tend to be more expensive, and we are approximately as expensive as premium kibble.

Don’t forget: Premium kibble is basically fast food. Our ingredients can be more expensive than kibble but we are passing the profits on to our customers to ensure  you can feed your pet healthy pet food.

We know how hard it is to even find time to cook for yourself, so we’ve done all the prep work for you – we sourced the fresh ingredients, studied which nutrients pets need, and tailored the recipe to your pet’s unique profile.

All you have to do to feel good about what you feed your pet is store it in the fridge, feed your pet the precise amount we prescribe, and wash the bowl after each meal. Done!

Oh, and we deliver straight to your doorstep. So no need to even leave the house if you don’t feel like it.

We know what goes into our pet food. Every single ingredient is safe for human consumption and safe for consumption by your pet.

We regularly send our food for lab tests as well, making sure it’s as safe as it needs to be!

We have literally shared meals with our pets. They love it and so do we.

Upset bellies are the worst – for pets and humans. And they can be caused by any number of factors: an allergy, an inability to break down certain nutrients, an obsession with eating grass.

It’s important to try to understand what is causing your pet’s sensitive stomach, especially before trying out a new food. That said, if you transition over a period of time it will give your pet’s stomach flora time to adapt to the new diet. The chicken recipe is slightly lower in fat, so it tends to be better with pups/kittens who have gastro issues.

Note: if your pet is not used to fresh/wet food, it’s normal to have some runny stool/stomach for a while. This is their stomach getting used to pure, clean and cooked ingredients. Don’t worry, keep it up and it’ll pass in a couple days.

You can cancel anytime, by submitting a cancellation request in your Dashboard.

If your order is to be delivered to an address in KL, please be sure to submit at the above link 3 business days (Mon-Fri) before your next scheduled delivery so we can tell our chefs to put a hold on sourcing and cooking your order!

If your order is to be delivered to an address in Penang or Johor Bahru, please be sure to submit at the above link 5 business days (Monday) before your next scheduled delivery. We only deliver on Saturdays to these two locations, so please submit no later than the Monday prior. 

If your order has been specially customised, please submit at the above link 7 days prior. 

Are you traveling temporarily or not in town for your next batch? No worries.

You can always opt to postpone your next delivery (and future payments) in your Dashboard. We allow you to do this for up to 2 months at a time, and you can do it as many times as necessary. When you postpone your next delivery, on the selected future date it resumes like normal, we’ll be at your door with a fresh batch of cat food or dog food as selected.

If you have already set up your pet’s meal plan with us in the past, and would like to reactivate that account to begin receiving food deliveries again, you can do so anytime and it’s very easy:

Please log in to your Dashboard and simply select your desired Delivery Date & Time and pay as you did last time.

Our system will automatically set up deliveries while you receive your payment receipt by email. We’ll notify you of your upcoming deliveries by SMS 4 days before each delivery. 

Please note: we need at least 2 working days to source and cook a fresh batch for you. So if it’s Monday, the earliest date you can receive your next batch will be Thursday 🙂

If you need to change your delivery date, time, or address, you can do all this in your Petchef Dashboard as well.

Just click Edit next to your Address to change it or add a 2nd address and switch between the two anytime you need!

Please take note that we require at least 36 hours notice for KL deliveries, and at least 5 business days for Penang and Johor Bahru deliveries. Special fees to cover changes may be incurred!

If you would like to change the contents of your next order (your pet’s meal plan), please follow the timing and instructions in the question below. 

If you need to change your pet’s meal plan, or the contents of your next order, you can do so by editing the Meals of your pet(s) in your Dashboard as well. 

Next to your pet’s name you click Manage and then click on Meals to edit their selected recipes.
Once you’re done, our system will calculate the price difference between your current and newly selected meals and charge or credit you the difference on the spot.

Please take note that we require at least 2 business days (Mon-Fri) notice for KL deliveries, and at least 5 business days (Monday) for Penang and Johor Bahru deliveries.

Still have questions?

Tell us about your furkid and we’ll work out how much food they need, and recommend a customised plan. Or ask us anything we haven’t covered above!