6 Valid Reasons To Avoid Feeding Your Pets Kibble

Junk food is cheap, convenient and a great solution to the munchies. We’re fully aware that they contain barely any nutrition and have high levels of artificial flavourings, colourings and additives. But we’d convince ourselves that it’s a cheat day to soothe the guilt. Yes honey we know you be snackin’ ???? But junk food […]

What Is Your Dog’s Poop Telling You Based On Its Color And Texture

Pooping. It’s the butt of elementary school jokes and makes top of the list for dinner topic taboos. Despite its reputation for ruining one’s appetite, it’s actually a pretty important indicator of our own and our pets’ digestive health. While poop is generally smelly, your pets diet does determine its stink levels and amount. For […]

Why Is Grain-Free Food So Popular Among Dog Lovers?

As our pets are arguably extensions of ourselves, their diet habits are bound to change and evolve along with ours. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in low carb and gluten-free diets due to the increase in awareness towards our general health. In terms of feeding and nourishing our pets, as pet […]

Feeding Your Doggo Carbohydrates – Is It Really A Good Idea?

Are you feeding your best friend too many carbs? If kibble is their main meal, then they are getting a great deal of it. On average, dog food consists of up to 30-60% grains and starches. Of course, you give your pet only the best out there, but is it bad for them? There is […]

Here’s A Long List Of Fruits Dos And Don’ts For Your Doggie Furkid

As pet parents, we’ve all seen those puppy dog eyes staring at us while we’re eating something. And naturally, we’d have the urge to share our human treats with our furkid. But before we do that, we’d check if a certain food is safe for our pets, as proven by Google’s search recommendations. Hence, we […]

Help! Why Is My Dog Is Eating Its Own Poop?

As gross as it sounds, it happens more than you’d think it does. Stool-eating, which is also known as coprophagia, commonly happens in rabbits but also dogs. Because besides finding their snacks smelling delicious, they also sometimes find poop of their own or other animals delicious. But why do they fancy these hotcakes and when […]

11 Reasons That Might Explain Why Your Sweet Doggo Smells So Stinky

Our doggos may be the perfect depiction of sunshine, rainbows, cotton candy and everything else that reminds you of sweet happy experiences. But it would be a little odd for them to smell that sweet. They’ve got their own musk, an Eau de Pooch if you will. It’s a result of their perspiration from their […]