Awww You Have A New Kitten! Here’re 7 Things To Take Note Of When Caring For It.

Adopting a new pet is usually exciting and nerve wrecking. You’ve probably spent the last few weeks trawling the internet for the best litter boxes, cages, carriers, beds, foods, toys and even outfits for your new furkid.  Or it was a spontaneous decision made under the influence of the alluring kitten eyes. Eitherway, you’ve now […]

Why Are Cats Attracted To Catnip & How You Can Take Advantage Of That

Catnip, the green leafy plant that is sometimes referred to as “weed for cats”. It’s because they make our cats behave comically. Their eyes dilate and they either seemingly daze off or get an extra spurt of energy as though they’re drunk or under the influence of recreational drugs.  But the question is, what is […]