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What you need to know about Cancellations

We keep everything simple at Petchef, always considering the pet’s wellbeing first. We also understand many people hesitate to subscribe to anything, especially food. And while as adults and foodies we do agree we want variety, we should also keep in mind pets function slightly different and consistency is very good for their health – especially when it comes to healthy food!

Why is there an option for no-contract Monthly, and contract-based subscriptions?

To put it simply: because of the convenience of price. Please try out a few recipes during the Starterpack or Monthly stage. If you see your pet loves the food and there’s no reason for you to stop feeding them fresh and healthy food, then by all means, consider a longer commitment/contract! 

It’ll give you a significant discount compared to just Monthly pricing, and it will be the exact same food and quantity as before. No loss for you whatsoever.

I read there are Cancellation Fees if we end the contract before the term ends? How does it work?

Yes, that’s correct. This is not a punishment fee though. Let us give you a very simple example.

Let’s say your subscription costs RM100 per month (every 28 days). So you decide to commit to 6 Months with payment every month, this gives you 10% discount.
So now your subscription costs RM90 per month. You save RM10 each month. 
But something comes up after 2 months and you need to cancel before the 6 months commitment ends. What is the cancellation fee then? It’s the total amount of discount that you saved during your used-up months with us. 
You paid us 2 x RM90 during the 2 months. You saved 2 x RM10 = RM20 total.

As a “cancellation” fee, we ask you to pay us the RM20 total discount. Not a punishment fee. It just makes it seem like you were on a Monthly no-commitment subscription. 

We think it’s fair. If you finish your commitment, you enjoy all discounts. If you cannot, you still enjoy the food and service at its normal price.

Can I really cancel anytime? How does it work?

YES! Whether you have a contract or not, you always have the option to cancel. Here’s the 3 different scenarios you may be in:

  1. Starter Pack: The Starter Pack automatically renews as a basic Monthly plan. The Cancel button will be visible the day after we delivered the food to you.
    When you select cancel, it will no longer renew into a Monthly plan, it will automatically cancel at the end of the 14th day. There are no fees. 
    Note: the Starter Pack is only available 1x per customer
  2. Monthly, no commitment: your request is recorded. There will be no more payments. We will deliver all the food you paid for already and your subscription will automatically stop at the end of your paid month. There are no fees.
  3. Contract (3/6/12 mo), paid monthly: when you’re on a contract, the cancellation will be scheduled to happen at the end of your contracted months. If you’re in month 2 out of a 6 Month contract, the cancellation will happen at the end of your 6 month contract (with no fees). If you’d like to cancel immediately, please get in touch with our staff on WhatsApp and they will assist you happily. Please note you may have cancellation fees if you have to end your contract early.
  4. Contract (3/6/12 mo), paid Upfront/in advance: If you’re in the middle of a 3 Months contract that you paid in advance and you click Cancel, the system will automatically cancel your subscription at the end of your 3 Months. We still deliver all the food you paid for and there will be no contract renewal, no further payments and no cancellation fees.
    If you’d like to cancel immediately, please get in touch with our team on WhatsApp who will inform you of your possible cancellation fees and will help cancel you immediately. After deduction of your cancellation fees the remaining amount you paid will be fully refunded to you. We will only keep the amount of money to pay for the food we already delivered.
Extra: your site says “Monthly” but it’s actually “every 28 days”, why?
We do this to be able to give you consistency and keep things clear:
  • Same price every 28 days: since months can have 28-31 days in total, we would need to adjust both the price and the amount of food each month, which is hard to track both for you and us
  • Same day of delivery to your home: when you first subscribe and select a day of delivery (ie: Thursday 5pm), our system makes sure that all future deliveries are at the same day and time of the week. Easy to remember, especially for working households.
  • Same amount of food received: just like in the 1st point, using this measure we know that you always pay for 28 days worth of food, so we regularly deliver the same number of packets. Easier for us to prepare and for you to keep us accountable.

Anything that's still not clear? Ask us!

If you have any further questions you might want to ask us, please send us a message on WhatsApp and one of our lovely team members will answer you asap.