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Our Favourite Cage-free Boarding Homes for dogs in Malaysia 2024


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Living in Malaysia, heading for a trip during the festive season or during one of the many long weekends has become a norm.
For dog owners, having a trusted and reliable boarding home is essential for their pup’s well-being.

With the current generation of pet owners, kennel boarding is slowly becoming a second choice as many prefer an open space, cageless boarding homes where dogs run freely, plenty of playtime, sufficient walks, and proper care by experienced caregivers. It’s like they’re having a sleepover with their friends – similar to a vacation!

We’ve looked through countless reviews and ask our subscribers what are their favorite pet hotels for their dogs:

1. Patty’s Pet Hotel

Patty’s Pet Hotel is probably the hotel we hear the most about from our subscribers when we ask them for their favourite option for their pets.

They have spacious rooms to sleep, 24hs care, a safe outdoor area on call vet and individual feeding times.

On top of all of that, they give a complementary grooming for pets staying over a week.






2. Fluffy Family Pet Boarding and Hotel

Indulge your furry pets in the outstanding care offered by ‘Fluffy Family Pet Boarding and Hotel’ in Petaling Jaya which has received many excellent reviews. The facility stands out as a choice for true animal lovers team, with a warm and homey environment that mirrors the love of a genuine.

Experience and educated staff form the backbone of the service, ensuring your pets receive top-notch care. Hygiene takes center stage at the facility, with a dedicated veterinarian on the team to guarantee a clean and safe environment.

Daily long walks, recognized as crucial for dog health, are a staple in the offerings, especially during long term stays. Each dog receives special attention, living in the company of caring staff 24 hours a day. Safety and wellness ,and commitment to update parents with a lot of daily videos and pictures.

Contact Fluffy Family Pet Boarding and Hotel:



3. Fetch Me Later Pet Resort

    “Take a pet-friendly journey with ‘Fetch Me Later’ located in Bangsar – Enjoy the vibrant ambient ambiance that greets your furry pals with open paws, creating a setting full of enthusiasm and life.

    The adherence to a strict schedule has earned ‘Fetch Me Later’ high praise, providing a structured routine that ensures your pets feel secure and cherished throughout their stay. Customers consistently commend the knowledgeable and educated staff, recognizing their expertise in offering personalised care that goes beyond expectations.

    Step into a world of pristine hygiene as ‘Fetch Me Later’ maintains a spotlessly clean environment, setting the standard for a safe and comfortable haven for your beloved pets. Experience excellence in pet care where every review echoes the commitment to a lively, well-scheduled, and hygienic paradise for your furry companions at ‘Fetch Me Later’ in Malaysia.

    Contact Fetch Me Later:




    4. Shashaland Paw Haus

    “ShaShaLand Paw Haus in Kajang, customer reviews portray a picture of pet heaven! The establishment’s heart and soul is its loyal personnel, which has received countless positive reviews. With an experienced team in charge, ShaShaLand Paw Haus stands out for its dedication to excellence. Customers frequently commend the team’s ability and expertise in establishing a safe place for dogs.

    Step into a joyful place where tails wag and pets play non stop. The testimonials reflect the good environment that ShaShaLand Paw Haus fosters, making it a favourite among pet owners looking for a fun and fulfilling experience for their beloved companions.

    Choosing ShaShaLand Paw Haus for a pet a haven where devoted staff, an experienced team, and a fun environment come together to deliver the best care and happiness for your four-legged family members.”

    Contact ShaShaLand Paw Haus



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