Find Convenient and Natural Dog Food in Malaysia

The most nutritious and convenient homemade dog food recipes

No more searching the internet for the right meal plans each week! Petchef’s subscription meal plans save you time and effort by providing expertly crafted, nutritionally balanced recipes. Our veterinary experts’ suggestions are just one click away, ensuring your pet gets the best.

Your Dog's Best Life with Petchef

Improved Digestion

Reduces digestive discomfort, improving physical performance.

Joint Health

Helping dogs stay agile and pain-free during exercise.


Free from preservatives and fillers, which negatively impact dogs’ energy levels.

Personalized Meal Plans

Based on your dog’s unique needs, for their nutrition needs and level of activity.

Introducing Petchef: Natural Cooked Dog Food

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Fluffy reasons to feed Petchef to your dogs

My dogs have been on PetChef food for over 2 years. They are all very healthy and their coats look very good and they are at their ideal weights. PetChef makes it very convenient to feed your pets healthy food and maintain their weights.

Also PetChef is very responsive to customer needs and are prompt in responding to any queries. Delivery has been on time and no hassles.

- Cath

Im a loyal customer of Petchef past 3 years as my furbaby is very sensitive to certain food. It took me a year to find out he is allergic to chicken!

So most of the kibbles in market have chicken essence at least which is a big NO for my furbaby. Then I found out Petchef through Instagram and ordered personalised food for my kid, and I'm so grateful for Petchef, my baby is having thick and healthy fur now 😍 Thank u Petchef!!

- Sarannya

Unleash your dog's potential with Petchef’s healthy food plans

Our mission is to make dogs live longer, and your routine much easier.

Giving generic food to your dogs is “much easier” than preparing a meal. We understand that. Pouring a cup of kibbles is simple.

Making changes in health means changes in lifestyle, but we make it easy for you with our recommended meal plans!

In a few weeks, you will be able to see the difference in your dogs’ weight, fur, skin and energy levels. Try Petchef today!

Give your dog a healthier life

Take action today with Petchef’s nutrition-packed meal plans, and watch their energy and happiness flourish.

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