A Healthier Future for Your Cat

Discover Why 95% of Cats in Malaysia Aren’t Getting the Right Nutrition

Your cat deserves the best with Petchef. Don’t compromise on their health and happiness in the long term. We offer real nutrition without the fillers and preservatives found in generic cat food. Make the smart choice for your furry companion today!

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How to know if
your cat is too fat?

Hold your cat. Try to feel its ribs and shape. Do you find your cat on this scale?

If your cat has more than 3 points on the scale, then it is overweight!

A few reasons for overweight cats


Daily portions too big, body ends up storing extra fat.


Leaving a full bowl of food out all day is overfeeding

Poor nutrition

Generic cat food has a high volume of carbs and preservatives.

Lack of exercise

Same as humans, they need to workout to burn fats.

Introducing Petchef: Natural Cooked Cat Food

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Fluffy reasons to feed Petchef to your cats

Petchef helped with my puddings stomach and weight problems and he doesn't have any itchiness and allergies anymore!! ❤️ and ever since they recommended the fish or salmon oil, my puddings fur is shiny and doesn't shed a lot anymore. They were quick to reply and was very helpful answering every one of my questions. Thank you petchef! ❤️

- Nurul

Since my mom started feeding me food from Petchef, she noticed that I achieved healthy weight and has a nice solid, and strong form, and my fur is so soft too!

It only took 3 days of consistently feeding me food from Petchef for her to see a difference in my weight and fur.

- Tasnim

Petchef's healthy food plans will nurse your friend back to a fit cat

Our mission is to make cats live longer, and your routine much easier.

Giving generic food to your cats is “much easier” than preparing a meal. We understand that. Pouring a cup of kibbles is simple.

Making changes in health means changes in lifestyle, but we make it easy for you with our recommended meal plans!

In a few weeks, you will be able to see the difference in your cats’ weight, fur, skin and energy levels. Try Petchef today!

Give your cat a healthier life

Take action today with Petchef’s nutrition-packed meal plans, and watch those extra pounds disappear.

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