Discover how healthy food can make your dog live healthier and longer.

The most nutritious homemade dog food recipes, cooked fresh and delivered to your home!

No more searching the internet for the right meal plans each week! Petchef’s subscription meal plans save you time and effort by providing expertly crafted, nutritionally balanced recipes. Our veterinary experts’ suggestions are just one click away, ensuring your pet gets the best.

Your Dog's Best Life with Petchef

Avoid artificial ingredients

Ordinary dog food has many artificial flavouring, preservatives and colouring that are not good for your dogs optimal nutrition.

Give real food


Human grade ingredients, fresh meats, veggies and spices. Ordinary dog food usually has left over meats and low quality ingredients.

Remove unnecessary fillers

Ordinary dog food is loaded with fillers such as grains, potatoes, and starch. This makes your dog digestive system work extra hard and is harmful in the long term.

Provide superior nutrition

With balanced meals rich in all macro and micro nutrients you dog needs to thrive and live healthier. and boosted by super foods!

Introducing Petchef: Natural Cooked Dog Food

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Unleash your dog's potential with Petchef’s healthy food plans

Our mission is to make dogs live longer, and your routine much easier.

Giving generic food to your dogs is “much easier” than preparing a meal. We understand that. Pouring a cup of kibbles is simple.

Making changes in health means changes in lifestyle, but we make it easy for you with our recommended meal plans!

In a few weeks, you will be able to see the difference in your dogs’ weight, fur, skin and energy levels. Try Petchef today!

Give your dog a healthier life

Take action today with Petchef’s nutrition-packed meal plans, and watch your dog flourish.

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