Get your fat cat fit again!

Round cats are cute, but definitely not healthy!

We make healthy food so you can have a healthy (and fit) cat.

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Reasons for
overweight cats


Daily portions too big, body ends up storing extra fat.


Leaving a full bowl of food out all day is overfeeding


Older cats are less active, which leads to weight gain

Lack of exercise

Same as humans, they need workout to burn fats

Spay & Neutering

Slows the metabolism, storing more fat on the belly

Medical reasons

Other health issues can cause weight gain. Ask a vet

What are the benefits of our cooked, healthy meals?

Petchef's healthy cat food will nurse your cat back to a fit cat

Our mission is to make cats live longer and your life easier. 

Eating our cooked cat meals results in more energy and healthier body.

Order one month of meals and see the changes in your cat yourself. 

Choose mixed recipes. We’ll exchange the ones they don’t like to the ones they love.

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