Here are the 4 most common reasons why your dog is having allergies and/or skin issues.

Many dogs are suffering from allergies and skin issues that can be easily solved.

If your dog is one of them please take note on what you can do to stop the allergies and skin issues for ever.

The 4 most common reasons why your dog is having allergies and/or skin issues.


Low quality ingredients in the food:

If your dog is eating kibbles (dry food) you can check the ingredient list and If you see words such as “meal” “by-products” “hydrolyzed” then your dog could be being triggered by that.

If you are using home-cooked or raw dog food make sure that there are no cheap meats with a lot of antibiotics. In that case make sure to use anti-biotic free meats. 



Giving human food leftovers:

Many people share their own food with their dogs, and many times, what we it can be not suitable or even dangerous for dogs. Avoid sharing food that is not biologically appropriate for your dog.


Too many artificial things in your dogs food:

Specially if you are using ordinary dog food brands, chances are that they have a lot of artificial stuff such as colouring, flavouring and preservatives. All of that requires extra work from your dog’s digestive system and stresses their immune system, potentially triggering allergic reactions. 

Avoid using foods loaded with artificial stuff.


Too many complex carbs:

Most ordinary dog food brands are loaded with fillers (complex carbs) like flour, rice, corn, wheat, potatoes, starch, etc. because they are cheap. The problem is that dogs can not digest them effectively and stresses their digestive and immune system. On top of that all those fillers are empty calories with little or no nutritional value.

Dogs should not be eating complex carbs, period.

If your dog is eating any of that he/she will probably have skin issues and allergies, or at least loosing more fur than what they are suppose to do naturally.

Dogs eating complex carbs daily can lead to more serious issues than just skin allergies. In the long run it can lead to diabetes, blindness, heart issues and kidney failure.

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