A quick look around will reveal that the real food diet has gain traction amongst
many dog owners in the last few years. They are no longer buying kibbles and,
instead, feeding their beloved dogs real food. Now, a real food diet is exactly as
its name suggests — a diet that consists of only real food with no add-on harmful
preservatives or junk ingredients. Read on as we share why you, too, should
make the switch to real food for your pup, if you haven’t already!

1. What you see is what you get

With kibbles, all you see are mysterious little brown pebbles that have been
processed, altered, and loaded with unknown ingredients. With real food, on the
other hand, you can actually see the fresh ingredients in your dog’s bowl. There
will no longer be unrecognisable ingredients and you can stop wondering just
what in the world are beet pulps, chicken digest, and Brewers dried yeast.
Instead, if you see something that resembles a carrot in the bowl, it is a carrot
and you know that that carrot will nourish your dog.
You can finally have the peace of mind that you are serving your dog fresh
wholesome food.

2. For the love of your dog’s health

As kibbles are processed at an extremely high temperature to drag out their shelf
life, the nutrients of the ingredients in the kibbles are often destroyed. This is
unfortunate as these nutrients are what your dog needs from his food. The
unaltered and undestroyed nutrients in high-quality ingredients of real food,
however, will encourage a stronger immune system and increased vitality. For
example, the vitamins in the fresh meat and vegetables will help to fortify your
dog’s immune system. In fact, a study shows that the consumption of certain
fresh vegetables reduces the risk of cancer cell growth in dogs by 70-90%.
Besides that, with real food, you have complete control over the ingredient list.
This is paramount because the majority of kibbles available in the market
contain ingredients that do more harm than good for your dog. These ingredients
include fillers like corn, wheat, rice, soy, and animal by-product, all of which
cause your dog’s digestive system to work harder to process them. In the long
run, this can potentially result in organ failure in your dog. Plus, it also causes
unnecessary loss of hair. With real food, on the other hand, you can be assured
that it is biologically appropriate for your furry friend. Thus, he will be able to
digest it well and also able to maximise the nutritional benefits of the food.

Next, what your dog consumes will also affect his energy level. As fresh
ingredients are easier to break down in his digestive system, your dog can more
easily absorb energy from his food. A swap from kibbles to real food will reveal a
perkier and more energetic dog.

3. Healthier Skin and Coats

Is your dog suffering from skin problems and is constantly itching, scratching,
and biting his own fur? The source of the problem lies, perhaps, in what he eats.
A change to real food can improve the condition of the skin and the shine of the
coat. This is because wholesome and nutrient-rich diets are chock full of
essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, which help to treat many skin
conditions quickly and efficiently.

4. Say No to Preservatives and Additives

The additions of preservatives and additives are often done for our convenience
— so that the bags can sit longer on the shelf of the retailer and also in our home.
Another reason for the extra ingredients is to make the kibbles look more
attractive to humans by adding food coloring and other ingredients. In fact, even
high-end kibbles have extra fats and flavour-enhancers to make it more
appealing and palatable for the pups.
However, these preservatives, enhancers, and additives are often harmful and
definitely not something you want your dog to eat. For example, certain kibbles
use ethoxyquin to slow down the development of rancidity of fats. But,
coincidentally, ethoxyquin is also used in the making of rubber and as a
pesticide. Again, not something you want for your furkid to eat.

It becomes clearer, then, why dog owners are eschewing kibbles and opting to
feed their dogs real food instead.
If you, too, are looking to make the switch to real food for your dogs, contact our team now to have fresh and wholesome food delivered right to your home.