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Your Dog Deserves The Best

Real food for real furry family delivered to your doorstep, so they can be healthier and live longer

No doubt your dog means the world to you! It is part of your little (or large) family and is getting family-like love and care. 

Do you want your beloved furkids to have: 

  • Better digestion?
  • Silky soft fur? 
  • Tons of energy to play the whole day?
  • Nice physique with no extra fat?


Or maybe he/she: 

  • Is losing fur and itching?  
  • Is inactive or has weight issues? 
  • Has stomach unrest and urinary problems? 
  • Is eating their poop?
Whether it is improving your doggo’s overall condition or solving their existing health issues you are looking for, please know: you are not alone! These are the common thoughts that so many dog owners have. But have you ever wondered what else you can do to help your pup to be at the top of their game at all times?

The answer is simple: same as humans, what dogs eat affects greatly how they feel, behave, and even how long they live.The sad truth is that in most cases the best dog food brands that you can find in stores are full of ingredients that are not only unhelpful, but can even be the cause of your pet’s health and wellbeing problems.

We are absolutely confident that you as a fur parent want the best for your doggo, so you can enjoy quality time together as long as possible.


Everyone knows the quote “you are what you eat” and that is the reason why fresh, quality, balanced ingredients are important to keep our pets healthy. If you are wondering how to: 

  • increase puppy weight or reduce obesity and heart problems in older dogs;
  • improve your doggo’s immune response;
  • tackle their allergies, skin and urinary issues; 
  • and many more health problems,


look no more – you are in the right place!

Petchef is a vet recommended dog food option for pups and their owners who want to maintain optimal health of their pets, so they can be happy, joyful, full of energy and continue to brighten every day with their presence for many years to come.

Our promise of love and care for your furry family:

Best Ingredients

100% natural and human-grade.

Designed for Dogs

Based on their biologically appropriate needs

Affordable Price

And long term discounts

By removing fillers, preservatives, chemicals, excessive carbs and other nasties from your pet’s daily diet, and instead giving your pooch human-grade high quality food which is balanced and consists of everything their bodies need, you will be able to completely get rid of the majority of health issues of your pet, or drastically improve their condition. 

Petchef is not just an expensive ‘Fancy dog food’, it’s an affordable necessity that any pet deserves to live a happy life – the same way like any human does. We as humans care what we put in our stomachs, so why would we feed our furry kids anything that we ourselves wouldn’t eat?

Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number

Ordering is a walk in the park!

Imagine that:

  • your dog is happy, energetic and radiates positivity… 
  • they are jumping in excitement before every meal… 
  • your vet visits are brought down to only the essential ones… 
  • you as an owner stress less and have more time to enjoy life with your fur kid… 
  • you don’t need to worry whether you got food for your doggos’ dinner – it gets delivered to your door… 


It’s all possible in just a couple of clicks about your dog and a customised meal plan.

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Passionate about pets. And their bellies.
Petchef was born with the purpose of feeding pets with great food, and making pet owners’ lives easier by delivering fresh healthy pet food straight to your doorstep!

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