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Solve most of your cat skin issues with the proper nutrition

Here are 4 common mistakes that are triggering most of the skin issues and allergies in cats:

  • Feeding your cat dry foods with many fillers like flour, rice, corn, wheat, potatoes and starch.
  • Using pet food with many preservatives, colouring, artificial flavours and many added chemicals.
  • Giving leftovers, or cooking food for them with a lot of carbs (rice, potatoes, bread, etc)
  • Using low quality ingredients (especially cheap meats, with a lot of antibiotics)

Why is that?

Cats are hunters and their digestive system is unable to process effectively all the carbs inside those fillers.

That’s why their digestive system is overloaded and as a consequence:

  • Cats are itching more
  • Losing more fur
  • Having red (or sometimes black) patches in the skin
  • Triggering unnecessary allergies

And those are just early signs of bigger health issues that could happen to your cat if you keep feeding him/her the wrong food. 

Things such as kidney failure, diabetes, heart problems, overweight and blindness are common health issues that happen to cats as they grow older, and can be prevented with the right food.

So, before you start looking for medicine, treatments or creams to improve your cat's condition, go and check the ingredients inside their food.

If you happen to find the current food has any of the fillers, to many artificial ingredients or weird "meats" then you should consider to adjust their food diet.

That's why we created Petchef!

To make healthy food that will help dogs stay healthier, live longer and happier lives

Best Ingredients

100% natural and human-grade.

Affordable Price

And long term discounts

Designed for Cats

Based on their biologically appropriate needs

Want to get the healthiest pet food for your cat and solve the skin issues?

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Passionate about pets. And their bellies.
Petchef was born with the purpose of feeding pets with great food, and making pet owners’ lives easier by delivering fresh healthy pet food straight to your doorstep!

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